5 ways to survive the Heat in the Caribbean

Summer is the season of heat and sun and here in the Caribbean, most of all, this period is when the temperatures are at their peak… As the temperature gets hotter, so do our tempers. Summer heat makes everyone feel annoyed and nervous, but now you are in your vacation so you should just enjoy your time without any irritability. So what can you do to beat the heat?

Getaway DR will offer you a list of 5 recommendations you should considerate for staying cool during the hot summer in the Caribbean!

  1. Stay Hydrated with tropical coconut water

During summer the best way to feel better is to drink a lot of water, there is no doubt about it…Right now you are in the Dominican Republic or in some Caribbean islands so you must try the “tropical water”: coconut water. Coconut water is the ultimate tasty alternative to water because it contains potassium, magnesium, sodium and it’s rich in minerals that are essential for your body when it’s hot outside!

So, remember to maintain an adequate level of water and boost your hydration by sipping some fresh and healthy coconut water!

Coconut water, Dominican Republic
Coconut water, Dominican Republic
  1. Have a bite of tropical fruits

 Do you know that during summer is better to avoid food that is high in protein, which increases metabolic heat? So, it’s time to have the small meal and the moment to enjoy the benefits of fruits!

As for other sources of hydration, the majority of fruits contain a high percentage of water that keep the H20 balance right for your body. When you feel thirsty and hungry during the hot weather you must have a tropical fruit dish: a combination of flavorful and juicy fruits such as watermelon, melon, pineapple, mango, papaya and mango that will make you feel right better!

These summer-friendly fruits can help with hydration and eating that is a great way to combine your favorite flavors and have a bite of tropical taste!

Tropical fruits, Dominican Republic
Tropical fruits, Dominican Republic


  1. Take the plunge

 Actually, you are in the Dominican Republic, so what’s the best way to escape the summer heat if not to take a plunge in the Caribbean waters? You will feel refreshed just scrolling through these unique clear crystalline water and enjoying a swimming there… Spend your afternoon at the beach and then don’t forget to end your day in one of the many villas or hotels with swimming pool where you can have a fresh happy hour drink.

You can definitely escape from the summer heat and from reality just enjoying the feeling of a fresh retreat on the beach with your friends or relatives!

  1. Discover a secret hideaway by sailboat

One of the best ways to escape to feel cool and to get airflow is to go sailing! Just decide where you would like to go or let your captain bring you in some hidden beaches of the Dominican Republic and while your journey enjoys the fresh ocean breeze and the cruising atmosphere around…

Sail in the Dominican Republic
Sail in the Dominican Republic

Lose yourself in a good book while soaking up the Caribbean sun on the boat and then take the unique opportunity to jump into the many shades of the blue seaside… You will immediately appreciate the sunny and hot weather!

  1. Take a walk in the shade of the tropical forests

Maybe this can sound a bit strange during the high temperature and hot weather but in the Dominican Republic, you can find many trails in the shadows of a tropical palm forest. Take a guided four wheels tour, horses tour or by feet in the heart of the rainforest of the Dominican Republic: you will have the chance to get closer to the unique wildlife in lush surroundings. Some of the routes are on the mountain and close to water, where you can admire beautiful views with some fresh breeze… That’s one of the best ways to escape the tropical heat!

Walking in the tropical forest, Dominican Republic
Walking in the tropical forest, Dominican Republic

These are some tips for beating the summer heats and it will give you some inspiration and appreciate more the sunny and hot summer in the Caribbean. So if you are headed to the Dominican Republic or the Caribbean you must follow this recommendation and live your vacation as a dream!

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