Dominican Republic gastro tour: traditional dishes

Where to try the best?

If you are on vacation, discovering and exploring the secret corners of the Dominican Republic, you should add to your itinerary some places where you can try some deliciousness of the Dominican gastronomy.

Eggplants in Cambita

Situated in San Cristobal, on the top of a mountain, this cozy restaurant, with a spectacular view, is called Aubergine. Specialized in eggplants, the menu offers a special combination of this stunning vegetable, prepared like sushi and plates with salmon.

Address: Colonia, Cambita-Garabito, San Cristobal

Cakes in San Pedro

Pastel en Hoja, one of the emblem dishes of Dominicans. You can find it all over the year, but traditionally it is a Christmas time dish. It can be made of platano with guineo and yautia, of yuca and flour, stuffed with chicken or beast and it is covered by a palm tree leaf.

pastel de hoja, Dominican Republic

Address: Calle General Cabral, San Pedro de Macoris

Coconut bread in Samaná

D’ Vieja Pan Inglés, is a traditional establishment that maintains Samana’s gastronomic culture. Typical, artisan products of this place are the yutia bread, English bread, coconut cake, coconete ( a type of cookie with coconut and ginger), corn bread and many others deliciousness’s.

Address: Carretera Samaná-Las Galeras


If you are in or you are planning to go to the Cibao, a must done stop is “Kiko Restaurante”. Famous for its quipes a kind of meatball but it is made especially of crab but it offers also a variety of lambi, grouper, goat, shrimp, octopus and rabbit. Quipes are originated from the Arabic influence in the Dominican Republic.

Quipes at El Cibao,Dominican Republic

If you are in La Romana, and you are a lover of quipes and caitibas (yuka pie) you definitely should try Shish Kebab, this place offers various type of quipes and caitibas as well as a very good seafood soup.

Majarete in Baní

Cold or hot just freshly made, the majarete of “La Plaza del Maíz” is the emblem dish of Baní’s area. Artisan and corn lovers will find an assortment of-of fresh products made by corn and other crops of the area. You can find boiled corn cob, corn cake and fried arepita ( kind of bun, made with corn flour and fried, usually filled with some artisan cheese cream).
Moreover, you can try sweet potato bread and a huge variety of sweets about of all a range of scratches.

Address: Quijaquieta, carretera Peravia-Salinas.

Mofongos in Moca

The best mofongo place in Moca is “Mi Terraza”. This place offers mofongos made by platano and yuca with plenty options as accompaniment. They have also delicious fried meats, longaniza, chicken croquettes and pork rind.

Mofongo in Moca, Dominican Republic

Catibias in Santo Domingo

Catibias is a type of yuca pie. The best place to try them is “Mesón de Bari”, this place offers the best caitibas of the capital. Catibias are stuffed with beef, chicken, cheese and seafood. It is also possible to try at Mesón de Bari typical Dominican dishes with a touch of gourmet.

Catibias, Dominican Republic

Address: Calle Hostos esquina Salomé Urena

If you are in Santo Domingo, the best place to try the Dominican cuisine is Adrian Tropical. This restaurant is famous for its creole kitchen. They offer fabulous sancocho soup and mofongos, moreover, you will find the best plates of the Dominican kitchen.

If you are traveling to the Dominican Republic these are the typical dishes and the places that we recommend to try! Check out our blog about the Dominican cuisine here:

Check out our blog about the Dominican cuisine here: For any details and info do not hesitate to contact Getaway DR!

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  • Lilo

    The best thing to do on a rainy night in Las Terrenas is to visit its best and most beautiful restaurant: MI CORAZÓN
    If you haven’t been there yet it might be worth a visit at least for a drink at the bar/lounge.
    Greetings :*)


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