Is Dominican Republic safe to travel?

We are living in the Dominican Republic nearly since 2 years and a lot of friends and relatives comes to visit us. They just fall in love with this country, but who does not?

Anyway, the first question of our friends and relatives, as well as our clients, is always: “ Is that a safe place to be? “.

Santo Domingo view

So, Dominican Republic is not a particularly dangerous place to visit. Street crime is rare in most tourist areas, especially during the day, but you should always be alert for pickpockets and camera snatchers. Avoid walking on beaches at night, and consider taking a cab if you’re returning home late from clubs and bars.

Let us explain, let us today answer to this common question.

No, the Dominican Republic it is not a dangerous country, or rather not more than any other place in the world.
I mean, what if you go to the Bronx, Harlem or to the central station of Milan or Paris at midnight? Isn’t that dangerous? The whole world is dangerous if you do not take care. The same story is valid for the Dominican Republic.
Everything depends on where are you going and how are you behaving.

Dominican people is really nice and cozy, they are always happy with positive energy, dancing and having fun all the time.However, if you do not recognize their country or their dignity for sure you will end up in troubles.

Many people arriving in the Dominican Republic thinks that this place it’s just sea, the sun, sand, palm trees, bachata, merengue, and happiness and do anything that they want to do behaving like colonizers forgetting that they are just guests in this country. For sure this is a type of behaving to avoid but not because you have to be afraid of Dominicans that because I’m sure that nobody likes having foreign people in their country behaving like that.


So why it is so common to hear that the Dominican Republic is a dangerous place?

As I wrote, everywhere in the world are dangers you just have to keep your eyes opened. Of course also in this country, there are mugging, prostitution, drug commerce but I challenge anybody to tell me a place in the world that there is not. The secret is just to avoid bad places, bad moments and bad people.

Often a question is: “doesn’t are there a lot of mugging?” What should we answer?

Yes, there are, but it is so relative. I am living here since 2 years and never been mugged neither seen anything like this, but of course, I heard about it. Meanwhile a week ago when I was in Milan, Italy I went out to a club with my friends and somebody rubbed the phone of a friend of mine and the night after in a bar somebody rubbed my wallet, I mean you can never know where and when it is going to happen but if you take care enough you can avoid it.

Another reason to think that the Dominican Republic is dangerous could be the fault of the big tour operators. Having only commercial aims they point to sell everything like excursions, services, souvenirs inside of the resorts. If the guest is going outside of the hotel will notice that everything is way cheaper, so of course for them is more convenient to tell that is dangerous but just pass over this rumors.

So if we want to do a summary about in which cases the Dominican Republic is dangerous, I would remind that: the Dominican Republic could be dangerous if…you go to this country and bring prostitutes into your hotel room and/or go to this country just for get waisted of drugs from morning till morning, so yes, in this case, Dominican Republic could be dangerous.

Or it could be also dangerous if you go around with your Rolex showing around your richness, or wearing a Louis Vuitton in neighborhoods that are not that safe, moreover if you go to the toilet and you leave your smartphone on the towel at the beach, so yes in this case also the Dominican Republic could be a dangerous place.

If you are a woman who falls in love with a random Dominican and gives him everything and then complains because he ran away with all your money, well… yes also, in this case, we can consider the Dominican Republic as a dangerous place.

But if you are a smart, aware and wise person and just go to this country with all good purposes for vacation as well as trying to have a new life, the Dominican Republic is a place to totally enjoy!

Organize your next vacation with Getaway DR and live the real Dominican Republic, feel the real Caribbean life without any danger and having to most of your holidays for getting home with the best memories ever!

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