Enjoy the Colonial City of Santo Domingo by cycling!

Biking around the Colonial Area of Santo Domingo.Lovers of adventure, sports and culture have a new way to have fun in Santo Domingo. Zona Bici was born with the purpose of allowing people to enjoy the Colonial Zone from a different perspective.

Zona Bici it is located in the Colonial City for its historical and cultural value, and because after its restructuring, many streets were converted into pedestrians and semi-terrains, which allows people who choose to discover the area by bicycle to move more safely.

The idea was founded by a couple. Laura Bogaert and José Miguel Paliza, lovers of bicycles and environmental issues, are the creators of this new concept. They have lived in Barcelona where cycling is very common they say. There is where the idea comes from. Using bicycle around Barcelona furthered the passion for cycling and they have seen how this can be a real and viable solution to traffic problems, as well as being a healthy option. So they got back to their hometown and set up the bicycle renting shop giving a new profile to the discovering of this wonderful area.

Biking around the Colonial City
Biking around the Colonial City

Zona Bici has a varied selection of bikes, from Beach Cruisers, Mountain Bikes, Tricycles as well as accessories and bikes for children, which accommodates the different needs of the clients. In addition to giving you the bike, they offer a personalized service guiding you on the routes to explore, things to do and places to visit.
The stars of their fleets are the beach cruiser because in addition to their beauty they are comfortable and easy to maneuver, perfect to walk through the Colonial Zone and of course for taking nice pictures to bring home as a memory.

To rent a bicycle it is necessary to be at least 18 years old and a document will need. The price is 300 pesos/hour.
Once you rented the bicycle you can choose if you want a guided tour or you can go by yourself to explore this area full of colors and history.
The idea of Zona Bici is addressed to a wide target. Young people as well as older, couples, families and friends.
For the couples normally they recommend going on a romantic route, a walk through the Parque Rosado, located where the Calle Arzobispo Portes begins, which is a little park that is so welcoming and romantic in fact is known also as “the park of lovers.”

Colorful houses in the Colonial City
Gorgeous colors in the Colonial City of Santo Domingo

Biking around the Colonial Area you will end up in little streets full of colorful houses where is ideal to take pictures with this fancy bicycles. Meanwhile, you are rolling around you can stop by the most important historic spots as well as Parque Colón, El Conde Street, Catedral Primada de América, Mercado Modelo, The ruins of San Francisco, the National Pantheon, Plaza España, Fortress of Colón, Duartiano Museum, Museum of the Royal Houses.
Using a bicycle to explore the city it is not good for have fun and do tourism in a different way but it is also good for our body and the environment.

Biking around
Biking around the Colonial City of Santo Domingo

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