Five Things TO DO in a rainy day in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about to learning to dance in the rain”

The moment of your holiday is finally here: you have been saving money all the year, trying to find the best place for your vacation where you can enjoy seaside, sun, and beach…But then when you arrive it happens that during your stay some days it’s raining and the iPhone forecast show only bad weather for the next days… So you start to think that the boring rain will destroy your vacation and there isn’t anything to do for spend good time even with bad weather!

We know your feeling but we are also sure that rain can’t ruin your holiday in some paradisiacal corner of the Caribbean! Be positive, take a breath and think that is better to get some rain in paradise than at home in your usual routine, right?

That’s why today Getaway DR will give you a list of suggestion and THINGS TO DO on a rainy day while you are in Las Terrenas, the northern destination of the Dominican Republic:

  1. Rent a car or buggy to discover out Las Terrenas 

Come and discover Las Terrenas with a recreational vehicle: rent a car or maybe even better and funnier the buggy, easy to drive with a driving license only.Las Terrenas has signed roads which pass by the unique and stunning scenery, palm forest, sugar and coffee fields and Dominican pueblos (villages) where you can meet a lot of local people living there and see how much they are smiling and happy even if it’s raining!G0080263

During your tour, you will navigate a buggy on a path through a wild and isolated landscape and you can just appreciate the beauty of the region of Samana’, that has golden sandy beaches along the coast and tropical dry forest in the mountains. We recommend you to start from Playa Las Ballenas, cross the “pueblo” and follow the street until Coson Beach first and then until the “Mirador”, the panoramic point of Las Terrenas, where you can take an unforgettable selfie with your friends and relatives.

Along the way, you’ll see some of the area’s rare trees and plants, including the tallest tree of Las Terrenas that might be more than 500 years old, situated in the middle of the palm forest close to Playa Bonita. You’ll recognize the tree by his enormous crown and you can enjoy a ride in the middle of the wild nature!

Rent a car or buggy will make enjoy your time here and explore what the island has to offer beyond the beautiful beaches!

2. Indulge a SPA Day

Everyone needs time to relax and indulge just a little and when it’s raining even more!

Book yourself a SPA Day and just make your way down this list the next time you need (or want) to indulge in a mini spa day. Step into a secluded world that reflects the quiet atmosphere of Las Terrenas, and allow the skilled spa practitioners to attune your mood to peaceful ocean rhythms.

Alisei SPA during a rainy day
Alisei SPA during a rainy day

We recommend you the SPA of Alisei Hotel, it’s located in the picturesque setting of the charming tropical park, the ideal for relaxing. The Alisei SPA is inspired by the tropical island with a marked Mediterranean influence: you can find the Turkish bath, a flower bath, a range of private treatment rooms and a separate area with Vichy showers.

Alisei SPA, Las Terrenas
Alisei SPA, Las Terrenas

Go ahead, make a reservation and look out for rainy day special treatments! -> For more info contact us!

3. Purchase in Las Terrenas

When it’s raining it is the perfect occasion to step out of the rain and start shopping! From popular souvenir shop to eclectic handmade local shops, here you can enjoy local shopping for a rainy day.Here in Las Terrenas, you can find different shops situated in the “plazas” that are small shopping center in the middle of the town. Right now the most famous are the modern and luxury Puerto Plaza, Plaza Taina, El Paseo where you can find stone and jewelry shops and many souvenir shops situated close to the city center. If you are looking for a unique gift to bring you home you should have a tour of the Haitian Caraibes Art Gallery and don’t loose the colorful selection of paintings of Haitian artists!

Haitian Caraibes Art Gallery
Haitian Caraibes Art Gallery

In Las Terrenas, there are tons of cute little local stores that you can browse in and you can buy mostly typical handmade products… I love to use rainy days at the beach as a great day to go explore some of the local businesses and shops that are unique and support local family businesses that help them!IMG_2261

4. Eat “Pescado” and drink mojito 

Even if it’s raining in your beach paradise, there are still ways to have fun and eating and drinking are great ways to cure the disappointment and sadness you are feeling for the bad weather! Take your time and enjoy some amazing, delicious, spicy (and cheap!) food in Las Terrenas in a local restaurant on the beach!

Pescado, Las Terrenas
Pescado, Las Terrenas

What to do after lunch? Let’s have a Bar Crawl in the Pueblo de Los Pescadores! Get drinks at

Start your afternoon and get a drink at Lazy Doug Bar&Grill, an ocean front laid back restaurant in the Pueblo de Los Pescadores (City Center of Las Terrenas). This place has the best happy hour deals, the drinks are great and you can just sit listen to the music or chatting with your friends right on the beach in a relaxing and happy atmosphere! Good vibes, awesome atmosphere and most of all lovely staff will make you feel like at home!

Then follow your Bar Crawl going in another famous place in Las Terrenas: One Love. Live music, cheap drinks, an everyday happy hour from 5 to 7 pm and a delicious offer of hamburgers and meat in the city while watching the most important American and European football matches… Last but not the least the pool table is a great idea for have some fun with your friends during a boring rainy day!

One Love, Las Terrenas
One Love, Las Terrenas

Enjoy your rainy day in the Caribbean while sipping a cold mojito or margarita and remember: you aren’t allowed to leave your Bar Crawls until the rain stops!

5. Go to the beach anyway!

No one ever got hurt by a little rain, did they?A lot of islanders love the beach when it’s raining because the water is warm, there is no one around and sun don’t disturb you…So, try to accept the rain and even appreciate the tropical atmosphere: walk along the beach and just watch the ocean waves, listen to the silent noise of the rain, admire the green and greener colors of nature and finally swim in the rain!

You will feel completely free, wild and you will realize suddenly how life is beautiful and different in the Caribbean!

Go to beach under the rain, Las Terrenas
Go to beach under the rain, Las Terrenas

So, now that you are in holidays, remember that rain in the Caribbean is always better than rain at home and you can just experience how the island people do!  Whatever you decide to do, don’t let the rain destroy your holidays and just enjoy the moment of life in a Caribbean place such as Las Terrenas… You will remember forever!

For more info and recommendations just contact Getaway DR, we will help you to make the best of your holidays!

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