Park of marvels: Los Haitises National Park

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The Dominican Republic is a set of protected areas. Protected areas of differents by the landscape, by experience, crowded by tourists or totally hidden. They have in common the beautiful Dominican natural patrimony that expands between the Caraibic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, including majestic mountains, deep lakes, little islands and cayos and lush hills.

Los Haitises National Park, Samana, Dominican RepublicLos Haitises National Park is located near Samana on the remote northeast coast of the Dominican Republic that was established in 1976.
This protected area is the most precious treasure of the Peninsula of Samaná. The name “Los Haitises” means in Taino language hilly land. Like all the territory of the Caribbean, also this area was living by the indios. The indios that was living on the island that today forms the Hispaniola Island were called Tainos.

In the park, there are plenty of rugged caves that still contain pictograms and petroglyphs of the Tainos.
The area of the Haitises Park gives a home to one of the last rainforests of the country. It is possible to reach it from Samaná, Sabana de la Mar or Sanchez. Bite my Vibes organizes the excursions to the Los Haitises National Park from Samaná and Sabana de la Mar.

From Samaná in 30 minutes by boat you arrive in a dreamlike dimension, surrounded by calcareous rocks ( high between 40 and 400 meters) that tectonic motions have emerged them 8-9 million years ago. Cliffs and failles come up from the green waters, covered by plants with them shave that penetrate in the rocks.
One of this formations is the Island of Birds. Populated by many types of birds, from terns to pelicans and from heron to vulture.

Los Haitises National Park, Samana, Dominican RepublicInside of the park, there are plenty of visitable caves, for example, the Cueva San Miguel, discovered before the area has been declared National Park. This cave was a shelter for the Tainos ( one of the three lineages from whom the majority of the Dominican population descend).
Another example of a charming cave is Cueva de la Línea, the name is devoted to the proximity of a railroad that was between Santo Domingo and San Lorenzo. The cave is called also Cueva del Templo because of the pictographic symbols in it which were made by the Taínos that have lived in the caves.

Los Haitises National Park, Samana, Dominican RepublicWhen you cross over the mangroves by boat it seems that you just spill in Alice in Wonderland, the shaves are so impressive and twisted that it really looks like a kind of wonderland. The mangroves are populated by little crabs that the motions of them are reflected in the green waters like a mirror, creating fascinating optical illusions.

Los Haitises National Park, Samana, Dominican Republic
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