Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas is a touristic destination situated in the Peninsula of Samana, in the Northern part of Dominican Republic. It’s easy to reach due to the near position of ElCatey International Airport.

Las Terrenas was originally an old fisherman’s village, where in the recent year’s several adventurous tourists got landed. Time by time it has become a starting point for many Europeans and Americans who created tourism businesses in search of new opportunities of life. This phenomenon transformed Las Terrenas in a small cosmopolitan center where local people and new foreign citizens could live harmoniously.

In the last ten years, Las Terrenas has changed and developed considerably, becoming the most important tourist destination of the Peninsula of Samana.

Despite the recent increase in the number of visitors, Las Terrenas remains a little corner of paradise, away from everything and everyone, in which the main characters are its beautiful long, gold beaches and the unspoiled nature characterized by extensive palm trees and tropical forests.

Las Terrenas

If you are looking for an unconventional holiday such as eco- and sustainable tourism, this lost paradise is certainly what you need!

You can find exciting activities inside natural parks and forests, discover waterfalls and caves, you can dive and try snorkeling in the blue Caribbean seas and observe the amazing marine life.

Las Terrenas is a great destination where you can enjoy an outstanding holiday. Since the first moment, you won’t feel as a stranger but as a part of the community of the enthusiastic local people. The tourist that chooses Las Terrenas will have the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience and sense every single multifaceted aspect of the Caribbean lifestyle. It’s not only about tropical beaches and luxury hotels, Las Terrenas succeeded to preserve the fascination of being untouched.

Far away from mass-tourism and all-inclusive resorts, from the beginning until the end you will feel like in a bubble made of sun, sea, and nature, which will make forget the stressful everyday routine. Let yourself be attracted by warm, smiley people, Caribbean rhythm, and carefreeness.

Las Terrenas is the place of thousand faces: authenticity combined with luxury, the essential matched with the comfort, naturalness with modernity.

From the quietness of the Caribbean sea to the sparkling nightlife, the variety of the people that will welcome you, are to be spreading good vibes.

You will be charmed by the warm, vibrant atmosphere and friendly people that will enchant and amuse you.