Semana Santa 2017 in the Dominican Republic

Easter is well known in the Latin America with the name of Semana Santa (Holy Week) and it’s one of the most important week of the Caribbean islands and latin American catholic countries. In the Dominican Republic, the Semana Santa represents the most important of all these religious holidays and it’s celebrated every year. Generally, the holidays week usually start Wednesday (Miercoles de Ceniza), then there is Viernes Santo that is considered holy day and several silent processions are organized all over the country carrying Christ on the cross, so until the midnight you will not find any music and people celebrating…Then you can have party and fun without any doubt and finally comes Sunday, that is the day of Easter (Domingo de Resurrección) and it’s the principal day of celebration in the catholic culture: the Dominican families traditionally have a big lunch together and they prepare typical dishes such as moro de guandules, rice with a certain type of beans, fish, cerdo asado (boiled pork) and they generally end the lunch with the typical sweet of Semana Santa called habichuela con dulce, sweet cream of beans, which is something you should try!

Key Dates and Period

Holy Week, according to the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, begins with Palm Sunday and the following are the dates of the Gregorian calendar for 2017:

12 abril Miércoles Santo (Holy Wednesday)
13 abril Jueves Santo ( Holy Thursday)
14 abril Viernes Santo (Holy Friday)
15 abril Sábado Santo (Holy Saturday)
16 abril Domingo de Resurrección (Easter)

You should know that during this week there is a lot of domestic travel within the country and a lot of Dominican living in the USA just wait every year to come back home for Semana Santa and spend the holidays with relatives and friends in their native country. It’s the most exciting and funny holidays of the year in the Dominican Republic! If you love parties, music and crowded places so you should travel during the Holy week, if not, better you avoid crowds by planning time traveling before it. We recommend you to take advantage of the festivities and definitely try and be in the Dominican for all of the holy week just for have an extraordinarily funny and difference experience.

Commonly, Dominicans just enjoy having a long weekend off and groups of families or friends will travel as usual from their city to the seaside and beach areas of the Dominican Republic to celebrate together. That’s why the capital of Santo Domingo tend to be empty during this week!

Today Getaway DR would like to give to all our friends a brief guide to Where to Go and What to Do during the Semana Santa in the Dominican Republic!

 The BEST PLACES to go during Semana Santa


Las Terrenas is situated in the northern peninsula of Samana’ and it’s one of the most appreciated destinations for Semana Santa. Las Terrenas this year will be again one of the most favorites by Dominican people during the holy week and they will enjoy the natural charm and atmosphere of the green region and all the events. For the Semana Santa has been announced a calendar of events where will participate popular artists of young public taste and many beach parties with latin music and some with house/techno music.

Semana Santa 2017 in Las Terrenas
Semana Santa 2017 in Las Terrenas

Concerts and DJ stages are organized on the beach, trying each to be the loudest. The party starts already on Thursday but there is a 24-hour break starting at Thursday midnight and then the party will never end until Sunday. Depending on your music taste you will find a lot of “Bonches” (Party with music):

If you like latin music, reggeaton and bachata we recommend you to go to the beach of Playa Punta Popy where there will be “Bonche Las Terrenas 2017” where some latin and Dominican famous artists will have their concerts like Ozuna, Yiyo Sarante, El Alfa y El Nene. During the Semana Santa 2017, the real innovative young event is Salty Sand SS17, a three days beach festival that is the perfect mix combination of good vibes, good music, local DJ’S and beach activities like bazar in Playa Las Ballenas from Wednesday 13 until 16 of April. –> For info&prices just contact us! 

Dominican people that choose Las Terrenas for Semana Santa they generally prefer to have some villas or apartments rather than some hotels to have their own party at home before to go out. –> For rentals of Villas or apartments just contact us! 

Semana Santa in Las Terrenas
Semana Santa in Las Terrenas

The Semana Santa in Las Terrenas is a unique experience of funny “Bonches” and surely you can live the unique experience of how to party and have fun with the Dominican people in this lovely, small and colorful town…Don’t miss out the opportunity to have the best Semana Santa of the Dominican Republic and book with us some properties!


Punta Cana is an open gate to your dream vacation, especially during Semana Santa! It boasts state-of-the-art hotel facilities among the coolest clubs, bars, and malls only a few feet away from the most beautiful beaches in the world. It features world-class resorts, hotels, and famous club and it offers something for everyone, from an all-day fun party beach to an isolated quiet white sandy beach!

Semana Santa in Punta Cana
Semana Santa in Punta Cana

Normally, Dominican people that choose Punta Cana for Semana Santa are people that prefer all inclusive resort and hotels so if you are looking for something like that this Caribbean destination will be what you need! The most two important events during Semana Santa 2017 in Punta Cana are the following:

A) Ozuna and Mark B the musical artist of the urban genre returns to the Dominican Republic and for the first time will present their show in Imagine, one of the most famous clubs in Punta Cana the next April 15. Don’t loose it and party at the cave! –> For info&prices just contact us!

B) Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana will host the International event of the year: Justin Bieber, the biggest pop star will be performing in a concert that you need to be. Justin Bieber will rock Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana!

Semana Santa 2017 in Punta Cana
Semana Santa 2017 in Punta Cana

Punta Cana will offer you also a lot of beach parties in its gorgeous beaches of white sand caressed by warm, turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea…It’s impossible not to enjoy the time here! The best beach, entertainment, and sights await you and your entourage. Don’t miss out and book your stay in some all inclusive hotels or villas!


Cabarete is a town close to Puerto Plata and of the best place for adventure and sport in The Dominican Republic. Cabarete is well known for surf and kite surf and the Dominican people who love to go there during Semana Santa they love to do it! One detail about Cabarete is that you can find all the restaurants and bars on the water, happy hours and music since afternoon every day!

"Bonches", party in Semana Santa
“Bonches”, party in Semana Santa

At night the music will be loud and there will be people dancing and having fun from the ocean to the bars. Loud party music will be available for this day and the party keeps on until Sunday night! To enjoy the party of Semana Santa in Cabarete we recommend you to leave your vehicle at home because it will be impossible to drive and find a park.

If you are thinking about a Semana Santa between fun and some sports activities at the ocean, we recommend you to enjoy every moment in Cabarete!

Casa de Campo, La Romana

Casa de Campo is an elite destination in the area of La Romana. It’s a 16th-century Mediterranean village where you can live a luxury unique experience in the Dominican Republic during your Semana Santa. In fact, there’s so much to do at Casa de Campo: relax on the beach, play in the sand and sea, take a walk in the romantic village and enjoy a different kind of luxury services.

Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic
Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic

During the Semana Santa this year Casa de Campo Resorts & Villas confirmed the presentation of the famous singer Jennifer Lopez in the amphitheater of Altos de Chavón. It will be on Saturday, April 15 and in this way, the “Super Star of the Bronx”, will premiere the season of concerts 2017 in the Dominican Republic. Casa de Campo is a bit quieter than the other Dominican destinations during the Semana Santa and it’s a perfect place where you can find luxury and relax more than parties and loud music. We advise you to go if you want to have a romantic escape in a luxury intimate corner of the island.

So, don’t know what to do during the Semana Santa 2017? As you can read, The Dominican Republic is full of ways to celebrate these holidays so it’s time to choose the best option for you and your friends! Get your family and friends together and contact Getaway DR to get the best solution for your unforgettable sparkling Semana Santa!

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