Surfing in the Dominican Republic – A day in Playa Bonita

“Good vibes happen on the tides”

The Caribbean is situated largely on the Caribbean Plate and comprises more than 7,000 islands and between them, there is for sure the Dominican Republic.
The Caribbean and the Dominican Republic are world-famous for their waves and there are many good surf locations throughout the Island and due to the climate, many surfers head for good swells the sun and warm water.

Speaking about the Dominican Republic, there is an offer a range of conditions and places, some are best in winter, others in the summer, and they’re scattered throughout the island for the surf lovers. Surfing is a way of life in the Caribbean islands, and although it may not compare to Costa Rica or Hawaii, it is one of the most popular summer sport in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is one the most famous Caribbean surfing center, and some of the region’s biggest waves can be found at places like Cabarete, Río San Juan, Las Terrenas and Playa Encuentro.

Surf in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
Surf in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

So, looking for where to surf in the Dominican Republic during your holidays in Samaná Península?
Nowadays surfers have found new waves all over the world that have the potential for unimaginable surfing possibilities but today Getaway DR would recommend you, Playa Bonita.

Playa Bonita is one of the most beautiful beaches of Las Terrenas and the Samana’ peninsula and one of the best surfing spots in the Dominican Republic; we like a lot this beach with its relaxed vibe, surf rental shop, and walkway with hotels and restaurants.

The name “Bonita” tells is all! Situated in the west part of Las Terrenas, Playa Bonita is a beacon for surfing at down, delicious fish lunch at the easy beach restaurant and sunset that seem to make the day go and on.
Playa Bonita is an untouched corner of paradise and is still wild as mother nature made it: its lush emerald vegetation and its treacherous rocks give it a unique aspect of peace and beauty of the landscape.
In the last period Playa Bonita got famous for its surf activities, however, it still maintains its charm as a quiet, relaxing, hidden treasure.

Playa Bonita, Las Terrenas
Playa Bonita, Las Terrenas

When you arrive in Playa Bonita there are some options to stay and hotels, each one has its advantages and surely the proximity to surf area as well as access to other areas of Las Terrenas. The price of the hotels are not too expensive and generally, you can find all kind of accommodation, villas, apartments and b&b.

The perfect mix of the surrounding different elements of nature such as the location, the direction from which the trade winds generally blow, the ocean crispy waves, which create a unique thermal effect, form a beautiful layout.
These make Playa Bonita an exceptional location not only for water sports such as windsurf, but for regular surfing. It is also well known as the birthplace of surfing in Las Terrenas, it makes perfect sense that Playa Bonita is also home to some of the best places to catch waves in the Dominican Republic.

It features a beach break which can get really big before closing out and a reef break with shallow, fast and hollow waves. The waves break to the left. The best time to surf the reef break is at a mid tide while for the beach break, high tide is great. The surf spot is inconsistent and requires a big swell to work. Winter season offers the best surfing condition most of all from November to April, when swell from deep antic lows reaches the Pacific coastline with offshore winds a common occurrence. Typically morning surfs are offshore and afternoon is light onshore, make sure you are up early to get those classic funny sessions.

Surf in Playa Bonita, Dominican Republic
Surf in Playa Bonita, Dominican Republic

Playa Bonita and other attractions of it have become quite famous among surf enthusiasts, sports fishermen, divers and nature lovers. There are many interesting activities after surf: sunbathing on the golden sand, long walking along the beach under the green palms, take some pictures in every moment of the day and sit down waiting the stunning sunset. Most of all we really recommend you to have lunch with the famous fisherman of Playa Bonita: he will offer you a special menu immediately written on the sand and then you can feel the tasting experience of dominican fishes and seafood just catched in the blue ocean and cooked in the middle of the forest only for you! A travel experience you MUST DO during your surf day trip in Las Terrenas.

Playa Bonita: Clear and warm green crystal water where you can simply sit down and enjoy the view or take a Bite of adventure with sports activities.
Love surfing? You are in the right spot!
Surfing in here is definitely recommended, and for the adventurous, it could be the trip of a lifetime.
If you want to have more information and plan a surf session here just contact us and we will provide you the best surf lessons and board rent that you could ever has!

Experience the fun and excitement of surf in the Dominican Republic and live your travel experience with Getaway DR!

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