The 5 best places to go for brunch in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is the capital city of the Dominican Republic and in the last ten years is growing up a lot: it’s safer, more fashionable, a bit underground, fancy, colorful and incredibly chaotic. In the capital city of the Dominican Republic, there are many fancy restaurants, rooftop bars, casinos and modern luxury shopping malls where you can shop at. This city has a lot of places that makes it a rather more desirable destination. Santo Domingo is influenced by American places and the American lifestyle, that’s why also here in the capital of the Dominican Republic brunch is the most important meal of the weekend.

Generally, Sunday is the day of the week in which people doesn’t work and you have time for stay with friends and relatives… For those who prefer to ease into the day slowly and great, a delicious brunch is the perfect way to start so grab your friends and family, and enjoy!

From savory classics like Eggs Benedict paired with a cold mimosa, to sweeter options of hot pancakes or granola-crusted french toast, salmon bagels, there is nothing like spending a weekend morning (or afternoon) enjoying your breakfast and lunch at the same time.

Santo Domingo may not yet specialize in the unlimited champagne brunches in some city hotels so common in places like London, Dubai, New York and Paris, but there are always more and more restaurants and cafe’ offering innovative brunch menus.

From inventive champagne brunches to classic lazy Sunday brunches, Getaway DR today selects his favorite brunch in the capital.

Loretta Cafe’ Bistro

We found this place when looking for lunch and we just felt in love with it! Loretta Cafe’ and Bistro is a quiet green corner located in the middle of the elite area of Piantini. It’s a garden cafe, composed by the interior restaurant, a fancy dehor and a large tree garden with tables outside.

Dominican Breakfast in Loretta
Dominican Breakfast in Loretta

Elegant atmosphere, the interior design as well the food are tasteful and effortlessly chic: Loretta Cafe Bistro is the restaurant that couple and girls for sure they adore. They offer breakfast, brunch and the menu is a mix of classic dishes with international flavors. Especially the brunch menu offers a variety of waffles, bagel, french toast, oatmeal, sandwiches, egg dishes and many delicious appetizers.

Brunch in Loretta Cafe' Bistro
Brunch in Loretta Cafe’ Bistro

This is one place that will leave you wanting to return sooner rather than later!

Price: medium-high

Best dishes: for sure Salmon Egg Benedicts and “Dip de Espinaca”, a creamy spinach and cheese dish.

Address: Víctor Garrido Puello # 16B street, Piantini

Fresh&Fresh Cafe’

Fresh&Fresh Cafe’ is a vegan restaurant, a cult place for veggie lovers and anyone who wants to feel a little bit green! The restaurant has a neat and colorful décor, with wooden tables, colorful hammocks, lanterns and a fountain of water which increases the feeling of being in a small zen oasis in the bustling heart of the city ‘.

The menu includes different types of unusual vegetarian dishes and it includes the description of every ingredient inside: sandwiches, wraps and vegetable burger and certainly the star dishes are the bowls, composed of various types of grain, raw and cooked vegetables and sauces. Don’t forget to sip a color fruity smoothies while you are eating your healthy meal!

We love to sit in the wooden outside table in the relaxed cozy ambiance and just be in this cool and distinctly refreshing restaurant. The fresh and green way to start your healthy day in the hot city of Santo Domingo!

Bowl in Fresh&Fresh, Santo Domingo
Bowl in Fresh&Fresh, Santo Domingo

Price: medium

Best dishes: Hippie Bowl that is full of the nutrient-dense goodness of vegetables and the delicious Falafel Wrap.

Address: Calle Victor Garrido Puello, Plaza LMP


A lovely and refined restaurant which looks like it was once an elegant art deco’ style house or has taken this as a theme. Dress up to match the elegant setting and the lovely atmosphere in the heart of Santo Domingo. The restaurant was newly renovated and it’s spacious and light-filled, refined in contemporary art deco style, chandeliers, and well-decorated tables. Dolcerie is the ideal place for a fine Sunday brunch where you can enjoy the menu that has just the right amount of choice and variation: the right mix of ancient and modern featuring a gastronomy based on a fusion of flavors, ingredients and international taste!

La Dolcerie, Santo Domingo
La Dolcerie, Santo Domingo

Dolcerie is the ideal place for a fine Sunday brunch where you can enjoy the menu that has just the right amount of choice and variation: the right mix of ancient and modern featuring a gastronomy based on a fusion of flavors, ingredients and international taste!

We enjoyed the ambiance and we must say that Dolcerie is such a beautiful place to go for a special occasion and for sure for your Sunday fancy brunch!

Brunch time in La Dolcerie
Brunch time in La Dolcerie

Price: medium-high

Best dishes: you can’t loose the healthy and smooth avocado toast, the Cuban Benedict cooked with gouda dutch cheese and definitely french toasts.

Address: Calle Rafael Augusto Sánchez número 20, Piantini.

Lulu Tasting Bar

Sunday brunch in the Colonial area?

Lulu Tasting Bar is the spot where to have an unforgettable brunch experience in town on a Sunday sunny morning! The restaurant itself is kind of monument: located in the Zona Colonial of Santo Domingo in a historical building and decorated by an outdoor open patio. Very nice located in the Colonial Zone and you can eat inside in the former garden.

The restaurant offers the unique Lulu’s Brunch: every Sunday from 11:00 a.m. you can enjoy the rich delicious combination of many venezuelan dishes such as Arepa reina pepiada, la piscina andina, empanada de queso blanco and many others dishes that you should discover! The ultimate perfect note on a delicious breakfast is the unlimited Mimosa (especially the sweet chinola mimosa).

Lulu Tasting Bar has emerged as one of the most fashionable brunch venues for the colonial city of Santo Domingo!

Lulu Brunch, Santo Domingo
Lulu Brunch, Santo Domingo

Price: the Brunch Menu is 1.500 Pesos with unlimited mimosa included.

Best dishes: Dumpling of Italian sausage served with soy of chili and leak and Quiche Lorraine like in France but in Lulu.

Address: Calle Padre Billini #151, Ciudad Colonial.

Cafe’ 401

The comfortable, easy-going atmosphere at Cafe’ 401 invites you to sit down and enjoy a tasty brunch. The portions are large and the food is truly comforting: omelets and eggs of every kind, wraps, burgers, salad and many breakfast combination depending on your taste.

In Cafe’ 401 the cozy atmosphere, the colorful artful dishes and the tasteful food will make you feel exactly like at home! It is a pretty new place where you can share some yummy breakfast with your friends of the family.

Cafe’ 401 is a new favorite for us: it’s the kind of spot where you can literally have a cool and huge endless Brunch in a mix of coziness and good vibes!

Menu El Valentin, Cafe401
Menu El Valentin, Cafe401

Price: medium

Best dishes: El Valentin Desayuno and the Dominican Typical Breakfast.

Address: Roberto Pastoriza No. 401 Esq. Av. Abraham Lincoln, Av. Roberto Pastoriza 401

Every day should start with a good breakfast and a lovely brunch and luckily Santo Domingo is a city so versatile in terms of food and every taste bud will be satisfied here! If you are in Santo Domingo now you know where you should go and find the best breakfast options of the city, so choose it and have a bite of brunch!

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