The Caribbean escape to Saona Island, Dominican Republic

“Life is better on the Island”

Period: during all the year

Itinerary: Departure from Bayahibe Port. Private or group transportation are available from Punta Cana, Santo Domingo and La Romana (Pickup locations vary by hotel location
. Let us know about your exact location)

Duration: 8 hours (approx.)

The Dominican Republic is the most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean. It’s famous all over the world for its beautiful sandy beaches, green fertile landscape and for its unique remarkable excursions. In the last ten years, the first demanded excursion by tourists in the Dominican Republic has been the Saona Island. Saona Island earned the right to be the first most popular excursions because of the unique experience that you can live here!

Today we will make you live a virtual trip with us, so get ready and use your imagination to dream before to visit Saona Island!

Any Curiosity?

During one of the journeys of Christopher Columbus to Hispaniola Island, once he was accompanied by an Italian man from Savona. The same guy discovered the Island so they decided to give it the name of “Savona Island” in his honor, then time by time became Isla Saona for an easier Spanish pronunciation.

The excursion to Saona Island is mostly about nature discovery and it’s an excellent way to appreciate the stunning Dominican environment. The tour generally starts in the morning around 9 a.m. from the Bayahibe Port and a typal “lancha” ( fast speedboat called like that in Spanish) will take you to the island. You can decide to have a private excursion with only a few friends or relatives, intimate atmosphere, personal attention and high quality or you can be part of a funny group excursion with a specially trained guide.


Saona island is actually the largest island in the Dominican Republic, one of the parts of Parque Nacional del Este (East National Park) and it’s a government protected the natural reserve. You will navigate along the coastline of the Parque Nacional del Este while you will observe the wildlife and lush nature until you pass by the famous Rocks of Penon: it will be your first step where if you are lucky you can see from near the iguanas in their natural habitat.

After that, you will stop at the “Piscina Natural” that is the noted natural pool right on the crystal Caribbean Sea to have drinks and to take photos with the giant starfishes. This spot is acclaimed because of the divine clear turquoise water and most of all for the presence of the starfish at your feet under the seaside… Everyone here would like to take a photo with a starfish as memories but remember to don’t take them out of the water because they can die just in 10 seconds! If you want to observe them you can from inside with snorkeling session, that’s why we will provide you all the equipment you need to watch the unique Dominican marine life: you will admire the colorful sea life made of reef barrier with tropical fishes, sea horses, and shell!

Starfish in Saona Island
Starfish in Saona Island

Around lunchtime, you will head to Catuano Beach, the exclusive tropical beach of the Saona Island with palm trees, pure white sand and obviously the crystal the Caribbean Sea right in front of you… Just sit down and open your eyes, it’s not a dream, you are living an unique experience a real paradise! In Catuano Beach you will have time to enjoy a typical delicious Dominican Lunch with fresh grilled fishes and chicken while your feet feeling the sand and your eyes appreciate the stunning panorama.

Lunch on the beach, Saona Island
Lunch on the beach, Saona Island

If you want to deep inside nature we recommend you to take a walk along the beach where you can discover the tropical forest and at the same time dip inside the Caribbean-clear water (while don’t forget to take many beautiful pictures along the way! J)

The time on Saona island is unforgettable and we are sure about it: you will have some fun dancing merengue or bachata on the beach, you will feel happy to meet the local people living here and talking with them and you will get the real Caribbean feeling!

Catuano Beach, Saona Island
Catuano Beach, Saona Island

At the end of the day, it’s time to go back but don’t be sad because we have another surprise for you… Are you ready to sail on a catamaran made of happiness, music, and drinks? Just jump on it and have some fun or relax before to get home with the best memories ever! So if you are asking yourself why you should go to Saona Island, here we have the answer for you.

It’s a unique opportunity to live the quintessential Caribbean island with extraordinary scenery and it’s a marvelous Dominican experience you may have before to get back…Get ready to bump into the Saona Island and live the real Caribbean experience with us in the Dominican Republic!

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